Conceptual History

The project is structured around three related methodological and theoretical complexes: area studies, mental mapping, and conceptual history.

Workshop 2017

Semantics of Space: Conceptual History Perspectives

German Historical Institute

Rome, 23 – 24 January 2017

Third Workshop of the «Spaces of Expectation» Research Project


23 January 2017

15-16 h Project Presentation Spaces of Expectation

16-17:30 h Panel 1 “Concepts of the Mediterranean and the South”
Neil FOXLEE (University of Central Lancashire)
French conceptualizations of the Mediterranean from Camus to Sarkozy (1937-2007)
Martin BAUMEISTER (German Historical Institute Rome)
Southern Europe as a Discursive Construction
Discussant: Deborah PACI (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

18-19:30 Keynote Lecture
Diana MISHKOVA (Centre for Advanced Study Sofia)
Conceptualization of Historical Regions and Boundaries


24 January 2017

9:30-11 h Panel 2 “Semantics of Culture and Space”
Sabine EHRMANN-HERFORT (German Historical Institute Rome)
The Migration of Musical Terms in the Context of Different Cultural Spaces
Luca AVERSANO (University of Rome III)
The Concept of ‘Classic’ as an International Marker of European Art Music between the 18th and the 19th Century
Discussant: Vasilis PETROGIANNIS (Södertörn University Stockholm)


11:30-13 h Panel 3 “Political Language and Partition”
Ilkka LIIKANEN (University of Eastern Finland)
Conceptualizations of Territorial Identity in EU-Russian Borderlands
Sia SPILIOPOULOU ÅKERMARK (The Åland Islands Peace Institute Mariehamn) Territoriality and Demilitarisation in the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Regions
Discussant: Janne HOLMÉN (Södertörn University Stockholm)


14:30-16:30 h Panel 4 “Parliamentary Assemblies”
Pasi IHALAINEN (University of Jyväskylä)
Parliament as a Foreign, National and Transnational Concept in the Baltic Region
Jose Maria ROSALES (University of Málaga)
The Politics of Consensus and the Rise of Pluralism: How Spain’s Parliament of 1977 Redescribed the Expectations for Democracy
Maurizio RIDOLFI (Tuscia University)
Colors, Political Culture and Parliamentary Representation in Italy and other Latin European Countries
Chair: Norbert GÖTZ (Södertörn University Stockholm)


17-19 h Roundtable: “Maritime Spaces of Expectation. North and South as Coordinates of Civilization, Modernity and Globalization”
With Luiza BIALASIEWICZ (University of Amsterdam), Jussi KURUNMÄKI (Södertörn University Stockholm), Giacomo MARRAMAO (University of Rome III), Rolf PETRI (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
Chair: Diana MISHKOVA (Centre for Advanced Study Sofia)

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