• January, 23th-25th Rome: Workshop: Conceptual History


  • December, 1st–2nd, Stockholm: Transforming Spaces – Mastering Uncertainty: A Second Take on Area Studies in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe: CBEES Annual Conference 2016, session “Taking Stock of Baltic Sea Region Building”
  • May, 11 th Stockholm: Open guest lecture by Jörg Hackmann (University of Greifswald / University of Szczecin) on “The Baltic as Source of Power, Peace, Liberty and Security: Political Imaginations of Baltic Space”
  • May, 3rd Venice: Workshop: The Mediterranean: Ideas, Connections, Crossings, Risks
  • March, 30th Valencia: European Social Science History Conference, session “Maritime Areas: Spaces of Changing Expectations


  • November, 12th-13th Stockholm: Workshop: Mental Maps: Historical and Social Science Perspectives
  • November, 12th Stockholm: Södertörn Lecture Mental Mapping and Eastern Europe (Larry Wolff, New York University)
  • October, 19th-20th Mariehamn: Intensive seminar and study trip to the Åland islands
  • September, 9th Stockholm: Guest lecture by Emőke Horváth, “The Problems of the Caribbean Identity”
  • June, 2nd Stockholm: Witness seminar “Nordic Cooperation in the Aftermath of the Cold War”, with Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Mats Hellström, and Pär Stenbäck (in collaboration with Johan Strang, University of Helsinki, and Torbjörn Nilsson, Södertörn University)
  • April, 20th-24th Gdansk: Intensive seminar for project members; Meeting with colleagues from Gdansk University; Public Lecture: A Bottom-up Approach to Mental Mapping in the Baltic and Mediterranean Rim (Janne Holmén, Södertörn University)


  • November, 13th – 14th Venice: Comparative Area and Transregional Studies: A Framework for the Baltic and the Mediterranean
  • November, 13th Venice: Centro Tedesco Public Lecture: The Return of Ulysses: Varieties of the ‘New Mediterranean’ between Mediterraneanism and Southern Thought (Martin Baumeister, DHI Rome)
  • May, 13th – 14th Stockholm: Intensive seminar for project members
  • April, 4th–5th Stockholm: Fourth Civic Constellations Workshop: Rhetorical Perspectives on Spacial Civic Concepts: The Politics of the National, the Regional, and the Global (in collaboration with the research project Civic Constellation CivCons)


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