Mental Maps

The project is structured around three related methodological and theoretical complexes: area studies, mental mapping, and conceptual history.


Workshop 2015

Mental Maps: Historical and Social Science Perspectives

Stockholm, 12 – 13 November 2015

Second Workshop of the «Spaces of Expectation» Research Project

12 November
Södertörn University, MA767

12:00–12:30 Registration / Sandwiches
12:30–13:00 Welcome and Project Presentations I
Norbert GÖTZ, Janne HOLMÉN, Jussi KURUNMÄKI, Deborah PACI, Rolf PETRI, Vasileios PETROGIANNIS

13:00–14:30 Project Presentations II
Janne HOLMÉN (Stockholm): Past and Present in the Minds of Secondary School Students: A Bottom-up Approach to Mental Mapping in the Baltic and Mediterranean Rim
Rolf PETRI (Venice): The Mediterranean Metaphor in Early Geopolitical Writings

15:00–16:30 Södertörn Lecture (Venue: MB503)
Larry WOLFF (New York): Mental Mapping and Eastern Europe

17:00–18:30 Origins and longue durée
Ute SCHNEIDER (Duisburg-Essen): Maps and Their Mental Representations
Lars-Erik EDLUND (Umeå): Some Reflections on Mental Maps
Comment: Deborah PACI

13 November

Italian Cultural Institute ‘C.M. Lerici’

Stockholm, Gärdesgatan 14

09:00–10:30 The Worldviews of 19th and 20th Century Leaders
Jonathan WRIGHT (Oxford): The Mental Maps Approach to Political Leadership in the Twentieth Century
Thomas SCHEFFLER (Beirut): ‘Two Negations Do Not Make a Nation’: The Conflicting Mental Maps of 20th-century Lebanon
Comment: Jussi KURUNMÄKI

11:00–12:30 Drawing the Homeland
Leslie HERNANDEZ NOVA (Florence): Mapping the Own Culture across Europe: Visual Memory of Peruvian Migration Trajectories
Efrat BEN-ZE’EV (Jerusalem): Living Together Separately: Arab Palestinian Places through Jewish Israeli Eyes
Comment: Vasileios PETROGIANNIS

14:00–15:30 Constructing Mental Maps by Quantitative Methods
Clarisse DIDELON-LOISEAU (Le Havre): Mental Maps of Europe and Other World Regions
Dario MUSOLINO (Milan): The Mental Maps of Italian Entrepreneurs: Patterns and Underlying Explanatory Factors
Comment: Janne HOLMÉN

16:00–17:00 Discussion and Conclusion
Larry WOLFF (New York): Input Statement

PDF Version of the Program